Cannabis-leaf juicing is the new green thing

By  Colorado Springs Independent (

Jason Lauve juices daily. A drink of his might start with a couple of carrots, a cucumber or two, and some blueberries. Then all of that gets added to freshly pulverized cannabis leaves.

Jason’s start to the day.

The fruits and veggies may change (and sometimes he adds seeds and nuts), but the primary green has been a part of the 44-year-old’s mashup for about two years now. It’s inspired by the work of Dr. William Courtney, a California-based M.D. who specializes in dietary uses of unheated cannabis, and Courtney’s wife Kristen Peskuski, a patient and researcher who has used juiced raw cannabis to manage her systemic lupus, rheumatoid arthritis and other health issues.

Lauve, a former Colorado Springs resident who just recently moved back to Broomfield, has a long history with cannabis use in Colorado. Ten years ago, a snowboarder collided with him, leaving Lauve with a severe back injury and a pile of pharmaceutical medications that weren’t helping him.

He turned to medical marijuana — which got him in trouble four years later, when police found more than 30 plants and 34 ounces of marijuana on his property, well in excess of the maximum permitted by the state. He fought the charges, was acquitted, and established what Boulder County District Attorney Stan Garnett later called “a pivotal case” around marijuana possession, given the defense’s winning argument that a patient was allowed to have as much marijuana as was “medically necessary.”