Hemp Cleans is an organization that emerged out of a Colorado law allowing the study of hemp as a means of remediating toxic soils.  Jason Lauve, Executive Director and author of the bill, Erik Hunter, Director of Research and Development, and Lynda Parker, Director of Public Affairs, succeeded in getting The Phytoremediation Bill passed with bi-partisan support and Governor Hickenlooper’s signature in June, 2012.

The Hemp Cleans organization has subsequently been involved in regulation of Amendment 64, as it pertains to industrial hemp, in cooperation with Colorado Senator Gail Schwartz.

The team has traveled to various rural communities to dialogue with farmers and other interested parties with a focus on the opportunities hemp provides for agriculture, industry, and the environment.  We have found audiences to be enthusiastic and receptive to the opportunity of hemp cultivation and we are working toward making this  possible in the near future. Colorado farmers have sought a low-input, high-value alternative crop for many years, and hemp answers that desire.